Thursday, April 02, 2009

Reading list

Having been slightly disorganised over the last week, and with plenty of reading to do over the Easter, including a recommended book by Clay Shirky titled "Here comes everybody" this post will diverge from discussion over data protection developments.

Short excerpt of the book:

Welcome to the new future of involvement. Forming groups is easier than it’s ever been: unpaid volunteers can build an encyclopaedia together in their spare time, mistreated customers can join forces to get their revenge on airlines and high street banks, and one man with a laptop can raise an army to help recover a stolen phone. The results of this new world of easy collaboration can be both good (young people defying an oppressive government with a guerrilla ice-cream eating protest) and bad (girls sharing advice for staying dangerously skinny) but it’s here and, as Clay Shirky shows, it’s affecting … well, everybody. For the first time, we have the tools to make group action truly a reality. And they’re going to change our whole world.

As for forthcoming conferences, that researchers ought to go to include (not exhaustive):

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