Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Journals worth reading!

The DCA has recently launched its journal entitled Information Rights Journal (pdf). A quick glance of the journal will show recent developments of data protection and decisions of the UK Information Commissioner to Freedom of Information Requests. As stated on the DCA website, the purpose of the journal is to:
Provide information rights practitioners with a round up of the latest developments in the information rights field. The journal will provide information on a wide range of issues across information rights as a whole, uniting freedom of information, data protection and the environmental information regulations. It will provide reports of emerging case law from decisions of the information commissioner and tribunal, and will serve as a useful reference tool for practitioners in central government and beyond.
Another journal I would recommend reading is I have still yet to go through the articles, but quick skim read of the contents shows interesting perspectives to the UK Freedom of Information Act including:

  • First pulse check on UK FOI community indicates good health by Sarah Holsen.
  • The role of the information tribunal under the UK Freedom of Information Act 2000 by Timothy Pitt-Payne.
  • The UK’s openness watchdog lacks teeth and transparency by Heather Brooke.

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