Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Google case

In the latest press release, Google is set to challenge the US's government's demands to hand over records and lists of data derived from Google's search engines today in court. Google argues the following:

Firstly, Google says it does not want to do the government's work for it, and secondly it says that it wants to protect its product. Thirdly, Google wants to show users that the company is serious about protecting their privacy.

In any case, questions are/will be raised on the extent Google holds users' data and whether users, as data subjects can request information held by Google either through their search engines or their email service. It would easier to make a data subject request if the user subscribed to Google's email service (now renamed Google mail) because there is the issue of proving one's identity for data inputted on a search engine. One will wait to see what the court's verdict will be.

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