Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Art. 29 Working Party: Opinion on transfer of PNR to US Authorities

The Art. 29 Working Party has issued its opinion aimed at travel agents/airlines that provide travel services to passengers flying to and from the United States. Here is the executive summary:
This opinion and its annexes (frequently asked questions and model notices) are aimed attravel agents, airlines, and any other organisations providing travel services to passengersflying to and from the United States of America. This opinion and the annexes update andreplace the previous opinion of 30 September 2004 (WP97).The current legal framework for transferring PNR information to the US authorities iscovered by the interim agreement of 16 October 2006. Negotiations for a new agreementare expected to start in 2007.There remain obligations on travel agents, airlines and other organisations to provideinformation to passengers about the processing of their personal information, and thisopinion aims to give advice and guidance on who needs to provide what information, how and when. Information should be provided to passengers when they agree to buy a flight ticket, andwhen they receive confirmation of this ticket.The opinion gives advice on providing information by phone, in person and on theinternet. The Art. 29 Working Party has established the model information notices (the annexes tothis opinion) to make providing this information easier for organisations, and to makesure the information provided is consistent across the European Union.The shorter information notice gives passengers summary information about transfers oftheir data to the US authorities, and how to find out more information.The longer notice is in the form of frequently asked questions and has more details aboutthe processing. It explains passenger data more widely, before focusing on PNR data. It also includes links to the interim agreement and other relevant documents.


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