Monday, April 09, 2007

Telemedia Act 2007

The German Telemedia Act 2007 (Telemediengesetz) replaces the German Teleservices Act, the Teleservices Data Protection Act and the Federal Media Services Treaty. It takes effect on March 2007 and regulates all electronic information and communication services except pure telecommunication and broadcasting (so-called "Telemedia Services"). It covers webshops, mobile commerce, newsgroups, music download platforms, video on demand (VOD), internet search engines, emails and even simple company websites, but not to live-streaming of video, web-casting, IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol - internet telephony). The new Act has been criticised for not going far enough to protect the privacy of the user on the internet. There is no English translation available, but Wikipedia has an entry on this (in German). See also:

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