Saturday, September 15, 2007

Data Protection Developments: Indian IT Act to be amended


"NEW DELHI: In its effort to face the upcoming tough challenges in cyber crime, India is all set to bring comprehensive amendments in Information Technology Act 2000.

IT and Communications Minister A Raja on Friday announced that the proposed amendments would address a number of serious concerns such as data protection, data theft, e-commerce frauds, child pornography, identity theft, privacy issues and immunity to intermediaries among others.

An official indicated that the proposed changes would include stiffer quantum of punishment, especially in areas such as child pornography, ID theft and privacy issues.

The proposed changes in the Act are based on our experience during the last seven years and inputs received from various international bodies, Raja said at the concluding day of the 7th Interpol Cyber Crime conference held in New Delhi from September 12 to 14.

Before placing the amended Act in public domain for comments, the IT Ministry is holding discussions with various stakeholders to fine tune the amendments.

Discussions are being held with the stakeholders, including private companies, CBI and other investigative agencies, he said."


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Venkatesan said...

The information technology Act has been enacted only for the purpose of facilitate e-commerce and e-transaction etc...But amended sections like example 43,65,66.72 which deals about breach of confidentiality,damages with regard to computer source code etc,,But the question is that to what extent personal information like data can effectively be protected via infromation technology act instead of enacting separate data protection act.Another major worry with regard to privacy concern is that it is hard to accept that It act will give sufficient protection in case of privacy issues.Therefore according to my point of view Amendment made in IT Act and placed before parliament is merely an formality for the purpose of obtain name in international level rather than take care of real issues which is problemetic in nature now a days.