Monday, October 01, 2007

IASTED Law and Technology

Having been absent for the last week for the IASTED Law and Tech Conference, which was held in Berkeley, California and ran concurrently with the CNIS and FEA. There were some interesting papers given (though not as well attended as one would have anticipated). To name a few (not exhaustive):

S. Marco and M. Doris (UK): Online Gambling – Reconciling New Technology and the International Consumer Interest - described the current situation of online gambling at a UK and European level.

S.R. Cross. Consumer Protection Compliance in Agent Negotiated Business to Consumer Transactions - particuarly whether agents could theoretically contract in B2C environment

G. Finocchiaro, E. Pelino, and A. Ricci (Italy). Legal Issues Related to Privacy and Anonymity in Mobile Objects Communications - the notion of the "control of personal information" and "anonymity" was discussed.

Mr David Molnar (US) on the use of RFIDs in Berkeley, California - describing this from a technological perspective and the current framework (Californian).

There have been a few papers written on RFIDs and data protection, so the use of RFIDs (be it library cards, passports etc.) and its prevalence over there raises the question, whether the debate on RFIDs and surveillance is just a matter of time in the UK.

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