Thursday, March 20, 2008

ICO's Survey

According to the ICO's latest commissioned survey, eight out of ten now take greater care in the way they look after their personal information. The survey shows that eighty eight per cent have started to check their regular bank statements and 85% now refuse to give their personal details. However, it also identified that:

"Fifty three per cent say we no longer have confidence in the way organisations such as banks, local authorities and government departments handle our personal information."

The ICO has produced a short checklist on data protection rights: Here it is:

• An organisation should tell you what it is going to do with your information before you provide any details unless this is obvious.

• Your information should only be used for the reason it was collected in the first place (unless you give your consent to your information being used in other ways).

• An organisation should not collect any information which is unnecessary. You only need to provide the basic information which is required to deliver the service required.

• Your information should be kept accurate and up to date – if you ask any organisation to make changes to your details, it should do this.

• An organisation should not keep your details if they are no longer needed.

• An organisation must provide you with copies of all information held on you - if you ask. You can also ask an organisation to stop using your personal information if it is causing you damage or distress or if you wish to stop it being used for marketing purposes.

• An organisation must keep your personal information secure at all times.

• An organisation should not transfer your personal details to another country unless adequate data protection arrangements are in place.

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