Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ixquick Search Engine

Ixquick search engine was awarded the first European privacy seal on July 14th:

Ixquick is a meta-search engine ( which
forwards search requests of its users to several search engines, gathers and
combines their results and presents the results to the requesting users. Privacy
is ensured by using several data-minimization techniques: personal data like IP addresses are deleted within 48 hours, after which they are no longer needed to
prevent possible abuse of the servers. The remaining (non-personal) data are
deleted within 14 days. Ixquick serves as a proxy, i.e. IP addresses of users
are not disclosed to other search engines.
This is quite a good search engine and shows all the relevant searches. Not sure why other search engines including Google have not cottoned on to this. Might as well start using this from now on!

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