Monday, October 20, 2008


Courtesy of Pogo, this recent Adv. General ruling on the Data Retentions Directive 2006/24/EC is worth reading up, whilst awaiting the ECJ's judgment. According to the EU observer,

The European Court of Justice Advocate General on Tuesday (14 October) delivered a blow to member states hoping to overturn an EU law on harmonising telephone and internet data retention rules, saying the case is an internal market matter, not a justice and home affairs issue.

The directive - which was approved by a qualified majority of EU states in February 2006 - sets a time period of six months to two years during which telecom operators are to keep phone and internet data, in the name of fighting terrorism and crime and increasing security.

Irish telecoms operators and internet service providers currently face tougher rules and must keep the data for up to three years, according to the Irish Times.

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