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CFP on Privacy Symposium

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Institutions, Markets Technology Institute for Advanced Studies (IMT), Lucca (Italy), in collaboration with International Comparative Policy Analysis-Forum & Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis


Abstract deadline (500 words): January 18, 2009 Submission of Abstract to Workshop Convenor and Guest Special Issue Editor: Professor Bruno Dente, Professor of Public Policy Analysis, Politecnico di Milano and IMT &

Notification of accepted proposals: February 8, 2009 Draft paper deadline: June 15, 2009

Workshop Date and Accepted Paper Presentation: July 2-4,2009

Invitation:This EU based Comparative Research Symposium will be the first among a series of international Research Symposia enhancing a comparative exchange on policy research. It will focus on data protection (privacy policy) that has garnered growing attention in many countries in recent years. The evolution of public policy around this issue has been affected in unpredictable ways by the latitude of the issue, as well as by the changes in the social and technological environment. For instance, despite the fact that in the EU privacy regulation stems from official legislation, the member states have implemented different approaches, developing peculiar instruments and building very different institutions.The basic aim of the workshop is to understand the evolution of the policy in different countries, and if these transformations stem from exogenous factors (e.g., technological advances, the war on terrorism, and others) or endogenous factors (e.g., processes of institutionalization or bureaucratization, heterogenesis of ends, policy failures, and others).Our definition of privacy policy is rather broad and includes the content of the protected goods, the policy instruments employed, the organizational dimension of the authorities in charge, and so on.

Submission of Papers: Proposed papers should (a) relate to research on any one of the aspects above, or propose additional research angles,(b) focus on the incremental or radical changes that the policy has undergone, (c) shed light on policy problems and policy related dynamics and interventions, (d) present research on aspects of the different national approaches or cases from which comparative lessons can be drawn.The workshop is interdisciplinary in nature, and therefore perspectives related to all fields of social science (including political science, economics, law, policy analysis, sociology, etc.) will be accepted.The criteria for selection are quality and fit to the subject matter. The articles submitted must be in line with the mission statement of the JCPA and ICPA-Forum of fostering the theory, empirical research and methods of cross-national comparative policy analysis. Please note the Aims and Scope of the JCPA and explicit comparative criteria at While papers need not necessarily present comparisons among countries, they must explicitly lend themselves to lesson drawing.Papers accepted and presented at the workshop may be published in a Special Issue of the JCPA edited by Professor Bruno Dente, subject to fit in the Special Issue and the blind-fold referee procedures of the JCPA.Location and Organization: The convenors of the workshop will cover the travel and accommodation costs of the selected participants. Lucca is a beautiful historical city located 25 km from Pisa international airport. IMT is a post-graduate University offering PhD Programs in the fiend of Political Systems and Institutional Change, Bio-robotics, Science & Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Economics, Markets, Institutions & Technology, and Management of Cultural Heritage. The Workshop will be co-sponsored by IMT, Politecnico di Milano, ICPA-Forum and Routledge.

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