Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book Review

Whilst ploughing through Privacy Advocates (and marking to complete), particularly on the role of the Privacy Consultant (in the UK, data protection/privacy officers), came across this sage advice:
"The role of academics within the privacy advocacy community raises larger questions about the responsibility of intellectuals within the society. Should academic work be driven by the pressing social problems of the day?... Here is Stanley Fish's advice..."Do your job; don't try to do someone else's job, as you are unlikely to be qualified...don't confuse your academic obligations with the obligation to save the world; and don't surrender your academic obligations to the agenda of a non-academic constituency... don't cross the boundary between academic work and partisan advocacy, whether the advocacy is yours or someone
else's...The job of the academic is not to change the world, as Karl Marx said, but to interpret it"
Thought provoking analysis for privacy researchers!

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maelorin said...

sadly, though, there i an *expectation* that you are either 'for' or 'against' privacy; either for the little guy or for the corporates/bureaucracy.

and that can be as subtle as a comment about your use of language, or as obvious as a broadside attack.

even interpretation is interpreted.