Saturday, June 10, 2006

Data Protection Award

This is the first time I have heard, but there is a European award for best practice in data protection. According to the press release, the UK Information Commissioner is encouraging the public sector organisations to put in an application which must be received by 5 October 2006. The criteria is as follows:

  • procedures in place for ensuring quality of the personal data processed
  • design of an efficient system for furnishing mandatory information to citizens
  • respectful and efficient procedures to manage consent
  • existence of specific rules or procedures for processing sensitive data
  • security measures in place
  • procedures for the communication or disclosure of data to third parties
  • arrangements in place for access to the data by third parties
  • the planning and design of procedures which enable people to access and challenge content, and seek any correction or deletion
More information can be obtained from the Information Commissioner. Well, it is another way of raising awareness of data protection laws and promoting good practice! Why not!

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