Friday, June 23, 2006

US privacy laws

Well, I have been taking a break from this, having been putting my head down with writing. Anyway, returning to my usual blog, I came across a recent press release that caught my attention. According to the this press release, some of the major tech companies including Google and Microsoft are calling for stronger privacy laws in the US.

The time has come for a serious process to consider comprehensive harmonized federal privacy legislation to create a simplified, uniform but flexible legal framework," said the CPL Forum's statement. "The legislation should provide protection for consumers from inappropriate collection and misuse of their personal information and also enable legitimate businesses to use information to promote economic and social value.

Whilst such efforts for stronger privacy laws in the US should be commendable, it is unclear whether the laws will in anyway be modelled on the European model on data protection. One can only await to see whether their calls are brought to fruition!


Joe Duran said...

Yes, I am glad you are concerned. I think when people realize who this information is going to and why, people will understand that it wasn't what it seemed. Today, they just had a "leak" letting us know that our transactions were being monitored and placed into a huge databse. I'm glad you're writing about this.

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