Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Interesting Reading

I came across a recent article that described the current state of developments on data protection in Singapore. The article is entitled European Union Data Protection Directive: Adequacy of Data Protection in Singapore. My initial thoughts when reading this was that Singapore did not have any data protection laws as yet and even though there has been some discussion about whether to introduce such laws, to date, this has not yet materialised. In any case, the article is well worth reading and in some respects, I do agree that with the suggestions for introducing a framework to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive. As a taster, here is the abstract:

The European Union Data Protection Directive requires member states to place restrictions on transfers of personal data to countries that cannot guarantee an adequate level of data protection. Countries that do guarantee adequate protection enjoy a smooth business environment and an enhanced ability to participate in trade. In this paper I examine the adequacy of Singapore’s data protection regime, and in particular the Model Data Protection Code. I suggest various amendments to the regime to enable Singapore to meet the Directive requirements. To carry out the assessment,I use a framework developed by the Article 29Working Party, the body that in practice carries outthe official adequacy assessments for the EU.

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