Thursday, May 24, 2007

Anti-ID theft

The European Commission is proposing legislation against identity theft. How much the proposals will complement the existing European Data Protection Framework (via the Data Protection Directive 95/45/EC and the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2002/58/EC) is less clear, but reading from the latest press release, this appears to be part of a Cyber crime initiative:

The European Commission is considering new legislation against identity theft. The proposal is contained in a just-published policy on EU-wide plans to fight cybercrime. The European Commission's policy on fighting cybercrime in Europe is the product of many years of consultation and focuses on greater co-operation between European police forces. Though the Commission said that it did not believe that new legislation would be useful at this stage in stopping the fast growth of cybercrime, it said it will consider anti-ID theft laws later this year. "No general legislation on the fight against cyber crime can be expected to be effective at this moment," said a Commission statement. "However … targeted legislative actions may also prove to be appropriate or needed in specific areas. As an example, the Commission will consider an initiative
regarding European legislation against identity theft in 2007. Legislative action could also include developing a regulation on the responsibility of different actors in the relevant sector." Overall, the Commission said that its cyber crime fighting policies would depend on improved co-operation and communication between law enforcement forces across Europe. "The main feature of this policy instrument is a proactive policy in reinforcing the structures for operational law enforcement cooperation," said the Commission statement." The Commission will launch a reflection on how this cooperation can be strengthened and improved."

See: Out-Law: Europe mulls anti-ID theft

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