Monday, June 18, 2007

Webcast on Identity Management

There is an interesting webcast on The Management of Identity and Personal Information on the Internet: Public and Private Initiatives for Addressing the Problems. Speakers on this panel include Sir David Normington (Keynote Speaker) Professor Brian Collins; Dr Stefan Brands, Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Information Commissioner (Open Public Panel Chair). The picture (on the right - source: Source: Semantic, perhaps, encapsulates the types of personal information we give online. In the meantime, here is the abstract of what the webcast is about:

There is much debate, and a number of competing initiatives, but the problems of identity and personal-information management over the Internet remain unsolved. These problems range from issues of convenience, such as requirements for multiple usernames and passwords, to the inability to carry out many transactions that require authentication of the user, to the security of systems that hold personal information, including identity information. Why do these problems persist? What are the opportunities in sight for moving ahead, and what risks are entailed in mitigating these concerns, including the failure to address these issues?

The Oxford Internet Institute organized a public panel to discuss this topic, chaired by Jonathan Bamford of the Information Commissioner's Office, and with a keynote by Sir David Normington, the permanent secretary at the Home Office. Other speakers include Professor Brian Collins (who combines the roles of academic, civil servant, and IT practitioner) and Dr Stefan Brands (an expert in privacy-enhancing technologies). The panel concludes with questions and an open discussion.

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