Monday, September 29, 2008

Gems for the Day

Whilst listening to Lanz's new album, Painting the Sun, the reading on my list for today will include Lord Denning's judgments. By way of introduction:

"Alfred Thompson 'Tom' Denning, Baron Denning, OM, PC (23 January 18995 March 1999) was an English veteran of the First World War, a mathematics graduate, jurist, barrister and judge. A native of Hampshire, he became a Law Lord and Master of the Rolls (the senior civil judge in the Court of Appeal of England and Wales).

Lord Denning was a judge for 38 years before retiring at the age of 83 in 1982. Lord Denning instigated many important concepts that would become pillars of the common law and many more which would ultimately be rejected in the House of Lords (such as the doctrine of fundamental breach)."

Some of the books, Lord Denning wrote have included: Freedom under the Law (1949), The Changing Law (1953), The Road to Justice (1955), The Discipline of Law (1979), The Due Process of Law (1980), What Next in the Law (1982) and Landmarks in the Law (1984).

Some of the cases, that law students have had to grapple with (including myself) is the famous High Trees case and the "red-hand rule" in Spurling v Bradshaw.

Best quotes that Lord Denning gave:

On legislation

"Parliament does it too late".

Modern society

Some persons, who would otherwise be good and worthy citizens, are deliberately breaking the law."


"Without religion, no morality; without morality, no law."


"I have all the Christian virtues - except resignation".

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