Monday, September 29, 2008

Phorm developments

Last post of the day, some developments are emerging from the controversial Phorm project (courtesy of PC Pro), which has been the subject of much discussion:

BT's third Webwise trial will begin tomorrow, with 10,000 random customers asked to participate.

"BT customers are being invited to take part in the trial, which will take place over a number of weeks. Following successful completion of this trial and an appropriate period of analysis and planning, it is currently expected that Phorm's platform will be rolled out across BT's network," says an announcement released by Phorm today.

Two previous trials have been conducted in secret by the companies, causing controversy among customers and privacy advocates.

Pressure groups such as Bad Phorm have sprung up to counter the scheme, and the City of London Police questioned BT over the legality of the experiments.

The third test was expected to start in June this year, when it was announced that the trial was to begin imminently. However, the launch was delayed by the surrounding controversy.

This negative attention has now subsided somewhat after the police announced last week that it would not be conducting a formal investigation. The trial also got the go-ahead from the Information Commissioner's Office earlier this year - as long as it was conducted on an opt-in basis. The company is still under the watchful eye of the EU, though.

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