Friday, August 03, 2007

CLSR Latest articles

Some of the latest articles worth reading on CLSR, 2007, 23(4) including:

Parliamentary Committee strongly criticises EU/US Passenger Name Record Agreement
Pages 295-296
Stephen Saxby

A snapshot of legal developments and industry issues relevant to information technology, media and telecommunications law in key jurisdictions across the Asia Pacific – Co-ordinated by Lovells and contributed to by other leading law firms in the region
Pages 322-331
Gabriela Kennedy and Sarah Doyle

‘Access all areas’: Function creep guaranteed in Australia's ID Card Bill (No. 1)
Pages 332-341
Graham Greenleaf

Risk, responsibility and compliance in ‘Circles of Trust’ – Part I
Pages 342-351
Thomas Olsen and Tobias Mahler

Binding Corporate Rules: A simpler clearer vision?
Pages 352-356
Philip Rees and Dominic Hodgkinson

Charging up the batteries: Squeezing more capacity and power into the new EU Battery Directive
Pages 357-364
Sylvia Kierkegaard

OK ! So we now have a final decision, or do we? – Douglas & Ors v. Hello! Ltd & Ors [2007] UKHL 21 (2 May 2007)
Pages 378-380
Mark Crichard

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