Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ICO consultation on CCTV Code of Practice

The ICO has issued a consultation on its new draft on CCTV Code of Practice:

"The new draft code of practice states that CCTV must not be used to record conversations between members of the public. According to the draft code this action is ‘highly intrusive and unlikely to be justified’. If a CCTV system is equipped with a sound recording facility it should always be turned off or disabled. Before deciding whether to use CCTV the ICO is encouraging businesses and organisations to carry out an impact assessment to determine whether CCTV is justified and how it will be operated. The assessment also aims to take into account the effect CCTV may have on individuals. Jonathan Bamford, Assistant Commissioner at the ICO, said: “It is clear that use of CCTV enjoys a lot of public support and can have benefits such as helping with the detection of crime. However, it can be extremely intrusive, putting law abiding people under surveillance. It is essential that the public is confident that CCTV is being used responsibly and for a proper purpose. As most uses of CCTV will be covered by the Data Protection Act this revised guidance will help CCTV operators comply with their legal obligations under the Act.”

Closing date is 31 October 2007.

Draft code is available here.

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