Saturday, August 18, 2007

MInggl - Persona Centric

This is an interesting website, Minggl, which enables users who have online profiles such as Facebook and MySpace to limit access to their profiles. Here is some information on their website:

"Minggl is a "Persona Centric" toolbar and the first service to put you in charge on popular social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc). "Persona Centric" means that what you see, and what you show, can vary, based on the current social site, and based on who you are and who's profile you are viewing.

Privacy control---hide whole sections of your MySpace profile

If you have BLOGs, Photos or viewpoints that you don't want to share with the whole Internet, Minggl will let you password (or attribute) protect this content (by adding Minggl notes to your profile).
  • password protect sections of your MySpace or Facebook profile---other sites coming soon
  • minors no longer need fear that the WRONG people are seeing their personal details
  • bosses and recruiters can’t see your political or religious views
  • share details of your life with people you trust..…not the whole Internet
  • display different profile views for the public, your friends, and the people you want to date"
Mingll is currently by invitation only, but already a few have started to sign up. A video tutorial can be found here. Will it solve some of the privacy concerns involving social networking? Maybe, but putting the user in control is a starting point! Worth trying this out.

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